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An older couple holding a model house. Cover image for article on aging in place.

While the practice of aging-in-place has been around for decades, it’s become increasingly difficult for many seniors in recent years. Healthcare costs are constantly growing, and with inflation making everything else more expensive, it’s become increasingly difficult to afford aging-in-place on a fixed income. We’ve compiled our aging-in-place resources below, and we also have other articles that may be helpful for seniors (whatever your living situation) elsewhere on our site. 

Aging-in-Place Resources

Common Technology Issues

An elderly man and his son discuss internet findings.

Common Issues

Today's technologically advanced world can feel overwhelming to older adults. We identified solutions to common tech issues for seniors.

Scam Prevention

There are many different types of scams that target older adults. Read our list of the top scam prevention tips for seniors.

Older man at computer holding coffee mug. Cover image for article about communicating care using technology.

Conveying Care

Many products can increase communication with aging parents. Learn new ways of communicating care from afar through technology.

Daily Life

Woman in bandana blowing bubble gum. Cover image for article about aging in place.

Daily Routine

Daily routines for aging adults are a great way to support someone as they age. Learn tips for implementing a new routine in a parent's life.

An older woman exercising at home.

Stay Fit at Home

Finding a routine for senior exercises for a loved one can be challenging. Learn strategies to help a loved one stay fit without leaving home.

An elderly man and woman walk their dog.

Social Walking

Help keep a loved one both physically and socially active. Learn the benefits of social walking and how to implement a routine with a parent.

Home Adjustments

Cover image displaying a slip and fall accident.

Anti-Slip Safety

Learn how to minimize falls at home with a variety of devices that don’t require permanent installation and can be moved throughout the home.

Older man carrying basket of vegetables. Cover image for article about senior garden modifications.

Garden Modification

Garden modification for seniors can allow for a hobby that helps mental, physical and emotional health. Learn more about the benefits of gardening!

Older woman looking at newspaper with friend.

Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing can cause frustration and anxiety for older adults. Learn ways to modify a parent's home and lifestyle for hearing loss.

Home Adjustments for Parkinson's

Living Area Adjustments for seniors.

Living Area

A parent with Parkinson's disease will have unique living area needs. Read to learn ways to adapt these spaces for a loved one.

An older couple in the kitchen, highlighting adjustments for seniors.

Kitchen Area

A parent with Parkinson's disease will have unique kitchen area needs. Read more to learn ways to adapt these spaces for a loved one.

Bathroom Adjustments for seniors.

Bed & Bath

A parent with Parkinson's disease will have unique bedroom and bathroom needs. Read more to learn ways to adapt these spaces for a loved one.

Smart Home Technology

Older couple smiling. Cover image for article about smart home security.

Home Security

Smart home technology allows for better security for aging adults. Learn more about how to use security technology to benefit your loved one.

Older woman talking on the phone.

Smart Lighting

Smart technology can help improve the lighting in your aging adults home. Learn more on how smart lighting technologies can improve safety.

Older adult and family member looking at cell phone together. Cover image for article about technology for older adults.

Smart Devices

Smart home tech can make life easier for seniors and those who care for them, allowing opportunities to stay connected no matter the distance.

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