Caring for Aging Parents

As our parents and loved ones age, their lifestyles and needs will change. From daily routines to exercise habits, diet, and more, learning to care for our elderly loved ones is a gradual process.

Here are some helpful resources and guides for caring for aging parents and relatives.

Featured Articles

An elderly man and his son discuss internet findings.

Solving Common Tech Issues for Seniors

It feels like new technologies are appearing every time we turn the corner, promising improvements to safety, productivity, and communication. While that’s great for younger

cheerful businesswoman in wheelchair looking at camera near blurred infographics in office

Mobility Adjustments for Seniors – Hub

Mobility impairments can have life-altering consequences for older adults, requiring major adjustments to daily routines and activities. The immediate aftermath of a mobility impairment can

Yard filled with various items. Cover image for article about Hoarding Disorder in Older Adults.

Hoarding Disorder in Older Adults

Hoarding, which affects between 2% and 5% of the population, can be dangerous to anyone, especially when it becomes out of control. However, this problem

Older woman lying in bed, holding hand of loved one. Cover image for article about a deathbed rally.

Deathbed Rally

You’ve probably heard the stories: a hospice patient experiences bright upturns in health right before their body finally shuts down or an Alzheimer’s patient who

Cover image for article about Grumpy Old Man Syndrome. Man punching desk.

What Is Grumpy Old Man Syndrome?

Constant complaining, stubborn refusal to eat, and frustration over normal sounds and activities in the home. These are some hallmark behaviors associated with humans as

Older adult and family member looking at cell phone together. Cover image for article about technology for older adults.

Smart Devices for Seniors

Over the last two decades, the digital revolution has opened up a world of new opportunities for organizations and individuals to improve how they function;

Senior family doing yoga exercises outside. Cover image for article about exercises for seniors.

Best Exercises For Older Adults

Maintaining an active lifestyle is an integral part of staying healthy; when combined with a good diet and adequate sleep, physical activity is one of

An elderly man reaches for a drink.

Alcohol Abuse Among the Elderly

Alcohol abuse starts innocently enough. Some seniors who previously never or rarely drank may turn to alcohol to deal with loneliness or aches and pains. 

Older man playing board game. Cover image for article about games to play with older adults.

Games to Play With Your Elderly Parents

As your loved one stays home more, they may benefit from games to have fun and stay sharp. We will unpack various fun games to play with your elderly parent that they will both enjoy and can benefit from!

Older woman and her nurse. Cover image for article about in-home and alternative care.

In-Home vs. Alternative Care for Seniors

As your loved one gets older, you may find yourself exploring different ways to care for them. And while residential facilities are a common choice, you may also want to consider in-home care and other solutions!

An older woman exercising at home.

Keeping Loved Ones Fit at Home

No one is too old to get in shape research shows that, as we age, exercise can help our bodies avoid common health problems like weight gain, illness, insomnia, balance issues, and memory loss.

An older couple in the kitchen, highlighting adjustments for seniors.

Family Cooking: Seniors in the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a dangerous place for loved ones. Understanding these risks can help families better prepare their kitchens for cooking with their relatives, allowing them to engage fully and independently in this stimulating, fun-filled activity.

Woman in bandana blowing bubble gum. Cover image for article about aging in place.

Benefits of a Daily Routine for Aging Adults

An effective ways to combat anxiety around your loved one’s lifestyle changes is to develop a daily routine with them. The predictability of a method can be a significant stress-reliever for you and your loved one.

An older couple holding a model house. Cover image for article on aging in place.

Benefits of Aging in Place for Our Loved Ones

While many people believe that supportive environments like nursing homes and assisted living facilities are an appropriate way to ensure their elderly loved one receives the assistance they need, studies are beginning to show that this may not be the case.

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