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Top Social Activities for Seniors

Many older adults begin to feel set in their daily routine, especially after retirement. Doing the same thing day after day can begin to feel just as tiring as being constantly busy, especially when those activities are mostly within the home. Finding ways to break up the routine are important for both physical and mental health. We’ve compiled a list of our top social activities for seniors, to help them get out of the house and find new experiences no matter their age. 

Benefits of Social Activities for Seniors

There are many benefits to social activities for seniors. Those who stay socially active as they age are less likely to develop certain diseases, including Alzheimer’s and dementia, stroke, and even heart disease. Regular social activity has also been linked to a longer lifespan, and decreased cognitive decline. One study even found that seniors who reported higher levels of social engagement had lower levels of depression, unhealthy sleep patterns, and sedentary lifestyles. 

Different Social Activities for Seniors


Older man carrying basket of vegetables. Cover image for article about senior garden modifications.


Gardening is a great activity for seniors in many different ways. Joining a club makes it a great opportunity to be social alongside those other great benefits.


Book clubs are one of the most popular social activities for seniors. Anyone can find a club that reads good books, at a pace that works well for them.

Art or Painting

Art clubs are another of the most popular for seniors, providing an opportunity to be creative in a calm, peaceful environment.

Physical Activities

An elderly man and woman walk their dog.

Social Walking

Walking is a great activity for seniors because it's an opportunity for conversation, while being a great low-impact form of exercise.

Group Trips

Group trips are a great opportunity for seniors to experience something different from their everyday environment alongside other people their age.

Game Night

Game nights are a great opportunity for the family to get together and share a fun bonding experience. There's also game night groups for seniors to meet others!

Educational Activities

Community College

Community colleges are a great place for continued education, because they offer a wide range of courses at a low cost (especially for those on fixed incomes).

Museum Groups

Museum groups meet regularly to visit local museums. They can be a great way for seniors to meet and talk with others that share a common interest.

Online Education

For those that are unable to travel far from their home for various reasons, your local college/university likely offers online courses.

Emotional Support

Online Groups

There are many groups on Facebook or Nextdoor for seniors to connect. Many are non-political in order to promote peaceful bonding over common interests.

In-Person Groups

Most libraries or senior centers have groups that meet in-person on a regular basis. These may be based on interests, or just shared desire for social activity.

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