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Mental health among seniors is a topic that isn’t commonly discussed, but is becoming increasingly important in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic saw an extreme increase of anxiety and depression disorders among seniors, with over 20 million older adults reporting these symptoms since April 2020. We focus on an overall approach to wellness for older adults, which includes mental health. We’ve compiled our mental health resources for seniors below, as well as articles by our partner WellQOr and articles on mental health during the end-of-life process.

Mental Health Resources for Seniors

Cover image for article about Grumpy Old Man Syndrome. Man punching desk.

"Grumpy Old Man"

Grumpy old man syndrome can impact everyone in your elderly relative's life. Learn how to help relatives through this difficult time.

Yard filled with various items. Cover image for article about Hoarding Disorder in Older Adults.

Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding can be particularly dangerous for older adults. Understanding hoarding behaviors can be key to reducing risks in loved one's homes.

Senior couple sitting on bench at sunset. Cover image for article on Sundowning.


Sundowner's Syndrome is a common occurrence among the elderly. How can you help if your loved one begins showing symptoms?

Older woman in pain while walking outside. Cover image for article on managing chronic pain.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain in aging adults is sadly a common occurrence. But with your support, there are a variety of options to help manage their pain.

An elderly man reaches for a drink.

Alcohol Abuse

The signs of alcohol abuse among the elderly can be quiet. With a keen eye, though, you can provide help and empathy to those you love most.

An elderly man and woman walk their dog.

Social Walking

Help keep a loved one both physically and socially active. Learn the benefits of social walking and how to implement a routine with a parent.

Woman in bandana blowing bubble gum. Cover image for article about aging in place.

Daily Routine

Daily routines for aging adults are a great way to support someone as they age. Learn tips for implementing a new routine in a parent's life.

An older couple holding a model house. Cover image for article on aging in place.

Aging-in-Place Benefits

Aging in place has shown to be a preferred model for many aging adults. Learn more about the benefits of a loved one aging at home.


WellQor is a partner of ours that focuses on mental health resources and online therapy, for both children and adults.

Happy older man. Cover image for article about mental health among older adults.

Supporting Parents

Seniors have unique mental health needs. Learn about mental health in aging adults and ways to support your parent's experience.

Older and younger man look at tablet computer together. Cover for article about common confusing questions for seniors.

Confusing Questions

As our parents age or experience dementia, confusing questions arise. Learn more about what these questions mean and how to deal with them.

Older couple looking at pictures together.

Memory Loss Signs

Looking for signs of memory loss can help support our aging adults. Learn ways to identify memory loss early so it can be treated effectively.

End-of-Life Mental Health

Older woman lying in bed, holding hand of loved one. Cover image for article about a deathbed rally.

Deathbed Rally

A deathbed rally is a sharp uptick in energy and abilities a short time before passing away. What are signals of this to look out for?

Woman looking sad. Article about 7 stages of grief in seniors.

9 Stages of Grief

The grief process is unique for aging adults. Learn more about what they might be experiencing and ways to support them through their grief.

Person offering comfort to another person. Cover image for story on Death Doulas.

Death Doula

A death doula supports families through their final moments together. Who can benefit from a death doula and how do they provide support?

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