Smart Home Security: Independent Living at Any Age

Many older adults are choosing to live independently in their homes well into their silver years. Families deciding whether or not aging in place is appropriate for their loved one may express some legitimate safety concerns about this arrangement. 

More and more, these families are turning to technology to help their loved ones lead independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. Smart home technology is often a simple, set-it-and-forget-it solution for aging loved ones. These systems allow these family members to remain safe and secure in their own homes, even with mobility impairments.

Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems can be a lifesaver for older adults with a variety of physical needs.  These internet-controlled products are simple to install and require little maintenance, giving us peace of mind knowing our loved ones are safe at home.  

Ensuring a Loved One's Physical Safety

Adults aging in place have a unique set of safety concerns. Smart security systems and locks can provide our aging parent with the extra support they need to continue living safely in their homes. 

  • Loved ones with arthritis, who have had a stroke, or suffer from other physical impairments may struggle with manual locks and deadbolts. Smart locks allow older adults to lock and unlock their doors with the touch of a button.
  • Some older adults with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or memory loss may forget to shut or lock their doors and windows. Smart security systems can be accessed by trusted family members, allowing them to lock up remotely.  
  • Many intelligent security systems and intelligent locks enable the visitors to be assigned unique access codes to homes, helping us track who is coming and going.
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Ensuring a Loved One's Comfort

Older adults choosing to age in place may find that their homes aren’t as comfortable as they once remembered. Many aging adults struggle with everyday tasks, making smart home technology a perfect solution to their daily needs.  

  • Vision and hearing loss commonly impact older adults, making it difficult to hear their doorbells. Smart doorbells can be an inventive solution, allowing them to see and speak to potential visitors from a smartphone or tablet app before letting them inside remotely.  
  • Blinds are often an understated keystone of a home’s provided quality of life. Loved ones may need to adjust their blinds frequently throughout the day to maximize light in the home and reduce glare or to have privacy from their neighbors. Smart blinds can be controlled easily from an app, so they no longer have to pull difficult strings or knobs.  
  • Good lighting is critical for aging adults to prevent falls. An elderly parent may benefit from smart lighting around the home to turn lights on and off easily as well as dim them to their personal needs. Many smart lights also integrate into full smart home and intelligent security systems, making them a perfect addition to a technologically assisted age-in-place.
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Ensuring Peace of Mind

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