An older woman smiles while sitting at a table. Cover image for an article on children becoming caretakers.

WellQor Discusses: When Kids Become Caretakers​

If you have an aging parent, It’s likely that you’ve already begun to help your parents in ways you’ve never had to before. While confusing and possibly overwhelming, this process is a very common part of aging for older adults and their families.

An older woman exercising at home.

Keeping Loved Ones Fit at Home

No one is too old to get in shape research shows that, as we age, exercise can help our bodies avoid common health problems like weight gain, illness, insomnia, balance issues, and memory loss.

An older couple in the kitchen, highlighting adjustments for seniors.

Family Cooking: Seniors in the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a dangerous place for loved ones. Understanding these risks can help families better prepare their kitchens for cooking with their relatives, allowing them to engage fully and independently in this stimulating, fun-filled activity.

Woman in bandana blowing bubble gum. Cover image for article about aging in place.

Benefits of a Daily Routine for Aging Adults

An effective ways to combat anxiety around your loved one’s lifestyle changes is to develop a daily routine with them. The predictability of a method can be a significant stress-reliever for you and your loved one.

An older couple holding a model house. Cover image for article on aging in place.

Benefits of Aging in Place for Our Loved Ones

While many people believe that supportive environments like nursing homes and assisted living facilities are an appropriate way to ensure their elderly loved one receives the assistance they need, studies are beginning to show that this may not be the case.

Older couple smiling. Cover image for article about smart home security.

Smart Home Security: Independent Living at Any Age

Smart home technology is often a simple, set-it-and-forget-it solution for families with aging loved ones. These systems allow for your loved one to remain safe and secure in their own homes, even with mobility impairments.

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