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Holiday Season Financial Resources for Seniors

While the holiday season brings happiness and cheer for many, to some it means an increase in the financial hardships they already face. Many seniors are on a fixed income, meaning that significant month-over-month increases in cost can be hard on their budget. Whether it’s help buying gifts, travel costs to visit family, or other costs that increase during this season, there’s financial resources for seniors and their families. 

Helping Seniors Financially During Holidays

Many seniors face financial hardship, with 22% of retirees worrying about their ability to afford rent or mortgage payments at some point of their retirement. More than 15 million US adults aged 65 or older are classified as economically insecure, which means their income is less than 200% of the federal poverty line. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they face hardship on a regular basis, is does mean that fluctuations in expenses can be bad news. Most younger adults can find ways to make extra money if they face temporary financial hardships, something that isn’t possible for many seniors who are no longer in the workforce. This means that hardship programs can be a huge help, whether they come from the government, charities, or other organizations. 

Holiday Financial Help for Seniors

Financial Assistance Programs

The Salvation Army

Local Salvation Army organizations provide many different kinds of assistance depending on a person's needs. Contact your local affiliate organization for info on help they provide.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities USA also have many local affiliates who specialize in different kinds of help. The most common is food banks, health services, financial assistance, and other temporary aids.

United Way

United Way is a private organization that provides many different services through their local affiliates, as well as partnering with organizations that provide direct financial assistance. Call 211 for info.

Holiday Assistance Programs (Gifts and Trees)

Christmas Trees

There are local organizations that provide Christmas trees to those in need, free of charge. Google your town along with free Christmas trees, or try contacting one of the above national organizations.

Toys for Children

There are many organizations that help provide toys for children in need, the largest of which is Toys for Tots. There may also be local organizations that provide similar assistance, try googling your local area for such programs.

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