Eight Ways for Seniors to Improve Mobility

The biggest trend in fitness this year is mobility training. While fitness experts have been discussing the importance of stretching and flexibility training for years

Better Sleep Strategies for Seniors

What’s the right amount of sleep for seniors? Each person’s sleep needs will be different. Some people may need more sleep, some may need less.

Top Social Activities for Seniors

Many older adults begin to feel set in their daily routine, especially after retirement. Doing the same thing day after day can begin to feel

An older couple holding a model house. Cover image for article on aging in place.

Aging-in-Place Resources for Seniors – Hub

While the practice of aging-in-place has been around for decades, it’s become increasingly difficult for many seniors in recent years. Healthcare costs are constantly growing,

Tips to Reduce Joint Pain for Seniors

One of the biggest issues that seniors face is managing health issues, with one of the most common being chronic pain conditions. Joint pain is

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