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Many people reach the point where they’re unsure of the best way to care for their aging parent. They’ve been able to manage fine so far, but it’s becoming stressful trying to juggle their parent’s increasing needs with their own family, career, and other responsibilities. Research found that even those who spent 15 hours per week caregiving found it significantly affected their work-life balance. Bringing in outside help can often seem like it will only increase the stress they feel, adding another dynamic to a situation that is already becoming overwhelming. 

However, those fears are actually the opposite of how people feel after finding professional help. 

Professional Caregiving for Seniors

There are many proven benefits to professional caretakers, but the greatest benefits of all come to those who are aging-in-place. Many people lose a sense of community as they get older, finding it increasingly difficult to stay in touch with friends and family. Having a caretaker around can provide them with a sense of companionship, giving them an ear to listen to their thoughts and concerns throughout the day. If they do want to see friends or family, a caregiver provides them with a safe mode of transportation. Along with those concerns, they can also help with medical issues, both emergencies and more day-to-day issues. All of these will help give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on work, family, and whatever else you were being pulled away from before. 

General Caregiving for Seniors

Caregiver Duties

Some circumstances require you to hire someone to help care for family members. What duties can you expect from them?

Older woman and her nurse. Cover image for article about in-home and alternative care.

In-Home vs. Facility

Are you considering caregiving options for your parent? We help weigh the deciding factors of in-home vs. alternative care for aging-in-place.

An older woman having a conversation with a younger family member. Cover image for an article about caretaker guilt.

Caregiver Guilt

As your senior parent's needs increase, it may require bringing in outside caregiving. How do you avoid feelings of guilt from this arrangement?

Mental Health Care for Seniors

Yard filled with various items. Cover image for article about Hoarding Disorder in Older Adults.

Hoarding Disorders

Hoarding can be particularly dangerous for older adults. Understanding hoarding behaviors can be key to reducing risks.

Happy older man. Cover image for article about mental health among older adults.

Supporting Parents

Seniors have unique mental health needs. Learn about mental health in aging adults and ways to support your parent's needs.

Older couple smiling and holding each other outside.

Early Cognition Loss

Changes in cognition are likely to occur in aging adults. Read to learn about what cognition changes might be red flags.

Electronic Caregiving for Seniors

Older couple looking at computer screen. Article about electronic caregiving through technology.

Product Spotlight

Electronic caregiving has led to huge quality of life improvements for seniors. What are the different care options?

Older man at computer holding coffee mug. Cover image for article about communicating care using technology.

Communicating Care

New products can aid communication with aging parents. Learn new ways of communicating care through technology.

Older couple smiling. Cover image for article about smart home security.

Smart Security

Smart home tech allows for better security for aging adults. Learn how security technology can benefit seniors.

Specialty Care for Seniors

Person offering comfort to another person. Cover image for story on Death Doulas.

Death Doula

A death doula supports families through their final moments together. Who can benefit from a death doula and how do they provide support?

Alcohol Abuse

The signs of alcohol abuse among the elderly can be quiet. With a keen eye, though, you can provide help and empathy to those you love most.

A woman packing a suitcase. Article about taking a vacation as a caretaker.

Vacation Care

Families who act as caretakers deserve a guilt-free vacation. Learn more on how to vacation guilt-free when leaving a loved one at home.

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