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Most older adults prefer to age in their own home, rather than moving into an assisted living or other type of facility. There are many reasons behind this, such as comfort, familiarity, or simply not wanting to adapt their routine to a new place. The issue is that most homes are not built with seniors in mind, which can make them increasingly dangerous as the people living in them grow older and less mobile. This makes proper home adjustments for aging-in-place extremely important. Making the right adjustments to the home will make it safer and more comfortable for the older adults living in them. 

Home Adjustments for Aging-In-Place

Older man carrying basket of vegetables. Cover image for article about senior garden modifications.

Garden Modification

Garden modification for seniors can allow for a hobby that helps mental, physical and emotional health. Learn more about the benefits of gardening!

Older couple holding keys. Cover image for article about garage modifications for seniors.

Garage Modification

Garage modifications for seniors could be an aging-in-place solution for your aging parent. Which type of modification best suits their needs?

Mobility Loss

As a parent ages, mobility loss may occur. Learn a few tips and tricks to prepare their space and lifestyle to accommodate any mobility loss.

Older woman holding flowers over face. Article about aging through visual impairments.

Visual Impairments

Vision loss can be common for aging adults, and unique support is required. Read more on tips to support a loved one with vision loss.

Older woman smiling at the camera.

Mobility Impaired

If a loved one struggles with mobility they need unique support. Learn strategies and tips for lower body mobility loss in aging adults.

Older woman looking at newspaper with friend.

Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing can cause frustration and anxiety for older adults. Learn ways to modify a parent's home and lifestyle for hearing loss.

Smart Home for Aging-In-Place

New “smart home” technologies make life easier for seniors, while allowing family and other caregivers to make adjustments to the home even while not being physically present. 

Older couple smiling. Cover image for article about smart home security.

Home Security

Smart home technology allows for better security for aging adults. Learn more about how to use security technology to benefit your loved one.

Older woman talking on the phone.

Smart Lighting

Smart technology can help improve the lighting in your aging adults home. Learn more on how smart lighting technologies can improve safety.

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