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Aerobic Exercise Equipment for Older Adults

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise, defined as any type of cardiovascular conditioning, has numerous benefits for aging adults. The CDC recommends that older adults get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity, 75 minutes of high-intensity activity, or some combination of the two every week. Keeping a regular routine such as this is incredibly beneficial. Improved strength, conditioning, and increased energy levels are some of the most common benefits. Beyond the basics, aerobic exercise also improves immune response, helping prevent common illnesses such as cold or flu. It can also help in the prevention and maintenance of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Speaking of heart disease, there are also benefits to those with hypertension, or related conditions such as coronary artery disease. 

What factors should be considered while shopping?

There are a number of factors to consider while shopping for the best exercise equipment for older adults. It’s important to consider the level of intensity and type of activity that is safe and appropriate for your loved one’s fitness level. This is especially when it comes to aerobic activity. While certain types of aerobic activity are great for older adults no matter their fitness level, such as walking, other activities like running or cycling are very physically demanding. If your loved one has any health conditions that would affect their ability to perform certain exercises, it’s important to consider that while shopping for tools to help them find a more consistent fitness routine. Talking with your loved one’s doctor or physician and setting fitness goals can also help to determine the best gear to make improving their fitness as safe and convenient as possible. We’ve sorted the fitness equipment below by the exercise that it belongs with, starting with less demanding activities such as walking and going up to activities like swimming which are more demanding on the cardiovascular system.

Best Aerobic Equipment for Older Adults


Walking is a favorite activity for many older adults, giving them a reason to get out of the house and a great opportunity for social connections with others in the local community.

Walking Shoes

Adidas Ultra Boost 21

Often cited as one of the most comfortable shoes for both men and women, the Adidas Ultra Boost has a thick and responsive foam sole that provides the support older adults need. They also look great!

Skechers Slip-On

For those seeking convenience, this slip-on shoe by Skechers is easy to get on and off while being comfortable enough to walk in all day. They also have wide options in almost every size.

Ankle/Wrist Weights

Sportneer Ankle Weights

Sportneer (1-5 lbs.)

These ankle weights aren't the flashiest option, but they make adjusting the weight incredibly easy and are a great option for those looking to use ankle weights in a variety of different workouts.

Bala Bangles (1 or 2 lbs.)

Made for those who care about form and function in equal parts, Bala Bangles are one of the most popular and well reviewed ankle weights. Although very simple to use, they do lack in adjustability and heavier weights.

Swimming or Water Aerobics

Poolmaster Kickboard

Kickboards are great for those who enjoy swimming but are limited in their upper body mobility. It takes the pressure off those areas, allowing your feet and legs to do the work to propel you forward.

Speedo Swim Goggles

Whether you're swimming laps or doing water aerobics with friends, well-functioning swim goggles are important for keeping water from getting in the eyes and causing potential damage or irritation.

Biking or Cycling

A Giro bike helmet that links to Amazon page when clicked.

Giro Caden MIPS Helmet

This helmet by popular brand Giro includes Multi-Directional Impact Protection, a technology that can reduce damage in certain falls. It also includes easy fit adjustments and 12 air vents to help stay cool.

A phone holder that attaches to bike or stationary cycle, links to Amazon page when clicked

ORlbox Phone Mount

This phone holder can attach to any type of bike or stationary cycle, allowing you to change songs or check text messages without interrupting your workout.

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