Senior couple sitting on bench at sunset. Cover image for article on Sundowning.

Sundowning in Seniors

Sundowners Syndrome is a common occurrence among the elderly, particularly, but not just limited, to those suffering from dementia. Sundowning is the apparent spike of

An elderly man reaches for a drink.

Alcohol Abuse Among the Elderly

Alcohol abuse starts innocently enough. Some seniors who previously never or rarely drank may turn to alcohol to deal with loneliness or aches and pains. 

Happy older man. Cover image for article about mental health among older adults.

WellQor Discusses: Supporting Senior Parents and Their Mental Health Needs

Supporting a senior parent with their mental health needs can seem like an overwhelming task. This may be especially true if you are already tending to many physical health needs. However, you can find support as you care for your loved one both mentally and physically! And we are ready to be that support!

Older man playing board game. Cover image for article about games to play with older adults.

Games to Play With Your Elderly Parents

As your loved one stays home more, they may benefit from games to have fun and stay sharp. We will unpack various fun games to play with your elderly parent that they will both enjoy and can benefit from!

Older woman and her nurse. Cover image for article about in-home and alternative care.

In-Home vs. Alternative Care for Loved Ones

As your loved one gets older, you may find yourself exploring different ways to care for them. And while residential facilities are a common choice, you may also want to consider in-home care and other solutions!

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