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Best Kitchen Cleaning Strategies for Seniors

Keeping the home clean can be one of the hardest parts of aging-in-place, especially for those with mobility limitations. It can be made much easier with the right tools and kitchen cleaning strategies for seniors. We’ve compiled resources for seniors and caregivers which will make cleaning the kitchen as easy as making something in the microwave!

Tools for Easy Kitchen Cleaning

The tools needed for cleaning the kitchen will depend on your kitchen’s design and your level of physical mobility. We’ve organized the tools into a few categories to make your decisions as easy as possible. 

Cleaning Tools for Mobility Limitations

Cleaning Trolley

A cleaning trolley allows you to keep cleaning tools nearby and on wheels, limiting the amount of movement required to clean a room.

Cleaning Basket

A basket is also a great option for those with mobility limitations. A cart is better for those with upper body restrictions, as a basket may be difficult to carry to different parts of the home.

Rolling Stool

Rolling stools allow someone to move around a space without having to walk and bend. Great for those with lower body restrictions.

Extended Grabber

An extendable grabber allows you to reach things that may have fallen behind a counter or fridge, without bending down all the way.

The one listed above even comes with a magnet on the side, which makes it easier to pick up keys or other metal objects.

Robotic Vacuum

A Roomba or other robotic vacuum allows your floors to stay clean without you doing any work. Simply set the vacuum on the floor, turn it on, and voila! Clean floors are a few minutes away.

Steam Mop

A steam mop makes cleaning tile floors significantly easier and faster. Rather than mopping and drying, it can be one simple step.

Cleaning Tools for Quick Messes

Cordless Vacuum

A cordless vacuum with a wide range of motion allows you to get those hard-to-reach corners without bending too far down.

Magic Eraser

Magic erasers make tile and sinks much easier to clean. They scrub and wipe at the same time, allowing many messes to be taken care of in one simple swipe.

Disinfecting Wipes

Disposable wipes like the ones above allow you to quickly wipe away small messes. They can also be used for counters, tiles, and other areas.

Tools for Specialized Cleaning

Extended Duster

An extended duster like this one by Swiffer allows seniors to safely reach high areas. Dusting can be difficult for those with mobility restrictions, so this tool makes it a much less daunting task.

Step Stool with Handle

A step stool with handle makes cleaning certain areas much safer for seniors. This one can safely support up to 300 pounds, and has rubber grips on the step to prevent slip-and-fall injuries.

Kitchen Cleaning Strategies for Seniors

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Sink & Counters

The magic eraser is a great tool for this area. Start by wiping down with a wet rag to clean up surface-level messes, then go over the area again with the magic eraser to get grime and other messes that are more set-in.

You could also use a harder scrub brush for this area, however that shouldn’t be needed except for messes that are extremely stuck onto the hard surfaces of the sink or counter.


Flooring can be the easiest area of the kitchen, as long as you have the right tools. Having a robotic vacuum will cut down on the amount of effort you need to put in, while a regular vacuum and steam mop can clean almost any mess efficiently. 

For those messes that are more stuck on, the magic eraser or a scrub brush are both great options. Make sure your scrub brush has an ergonomic handle, so it doesn’t put extra wear-and-tear on your hands. 


Cabinets are made significantly easier with an extendable duster and step stool. The step stool allows you to see higher areas, so you don’t have to worry about hitting things as you sweep through. It can also give you a stable base, and handle to hold onto. 

From there, it’s just extending your duster to the correct length and carefully swiping it along the cabinets. If you have trouble reaching higher areas to move objects out of the way, this could be a great activity for family or a caregiver to assist with. 

Fridge & Freezer

The fridge and freezer can be easily handled with a few of the above tools. The disinfecting wipes will be great here for wiping up small food stains and such. If you need multiple cleaning materials (such as glass cleaner), a cleaning basket will be very useful.

Once you’ve gotten the bigger messes taken care of, make sure to do another wipe of each surface that food rests on. Bacteria can collect easily in fridges if it’s not proactively addressed. 

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