We're Here to help with Keeping Loved Ones Fit at Home

Keeping Loved Ones Fit at Home

It’s easy for our loved onesto lose motivation to work out as they age. But research has shown that they can avoid common health complaints such as weight gain, illness, balance issues, insomnia and brain fogginess with as little as 3 exercise sessions per week. Take these simple steps to ensure their comfort and safety as they stay in shape. 

Workout Risks

We Understand the Risks

Some of the risks of working out at home can include balance issues resulting in falls, arthritic pain, lack of motivation and boredom. We can help you avoid these risks by offering advice on how to set up a safe environment for your loved one.


Setting Up

a Safe Home Gym

  • Yoga Mat: Find a nice thick mat for extra cushioning
  • Lighting: Make sure the exercise area is well lit
  • Mirror: Providing a mirror can help improve form and balance
  • Grab Bars: Prevent falls install safety bars

Wrist Weights: Arthritis can make gripping painful, try adaptive grip weights

Start Now

Cognitive Decline

Here are some simple exercises older adults can do at home without having to purchase equipment. Make sure you have a steady chair on a solid flat surface and start with a few repetitions and work up to more each session.

  1. The Chair Squat
  2. Arm Lifts
  3. Wall Push-Ups
  4. Try these 15  Balance Exercises


Safety Concern 2

Cognitive Decline

Recent studies suggest that hearing loss in older adults is also associated with cognitive decline.  Your loved one may have trouble thinking about or remembering things, causing them to feel stressed and frustrated.  Sometimes, this can even lead to challenging behaviors from your loved one.

  • Place sticky notes around your parent’s home with simple daily reminders. This will help them remember to complete tasks they might otherwise forget to do.
  • Break down your loved one’s tasks into manageable, bite-sized chunks.
  • Help your loved one maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan – a healthy body can go a long way in preventing cognitive decline!
  • Make sure your loved one has access to stimulating activities to keep their mind active – puzzles, gardening, arts/crafts, and reading can all be extremely helpful.

Best Workouts


These activities can be safe and fun and yes, dancing is exercise, crank up the music and have fun with it.

  • Yoga & Tai Chi: Recommended by experts as it is slow and gentle
  • Elliptical Machine: Low impact
  • Recumbent Bike: Protect back and keep hip joints moving
  • Stability Ball: Great for balance and stretching, with many colors to choose from
  • Dancing: Joyful


Exercise can increase the quality of life for your loved ones. The National Institute on Aging advises that exercise for older adults can increase physical and mental health. With a few pieces of carefully selected equipment you can create a risk-free environment and provide hours of enjoyment. Your parent’s health and safety are very important to us. We understand your concerns. Contact us today to find out how we can help. We will respond within 48 hours to assist with any questions you may have and help you find appropriate solutions.

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