Preparing for the Loss of a Loved One: Support for You Both

Young woman visiting her grandmother at the hospital in preparing for the loss of a loved one

Losing a parent at any age can feel impossibly difficult. It can feel even more challenging if you are the primary caregiver for your loved one. We will unpack a few ways you can support your loved one in their final days and ways you can support yourself.

Supporting Senior Parents and Their Mental Health Needs ​

Older man smiles with good mental health supports

Supporting a senior parent with their mental health needs can seem like an overwhelming task. This may be especially true if you are already tending to many physical health needs. However, you can find support as you care for your loved one both mentally and physically! And we are ready to be that support!

COVID-19 Coping Strategies​

Despite these unprecedented times, your support and care of your loved one can still be as strong as ever, perhaps just a little differently. We want to support you as you creatively care. Connect with us for more information, resources and more.

Using Technology to Communicate Care​

In the time of social-distancing and medical isolation, certain products can increase connection and interaction with our loved ones without the need to compromise safety.

Show Us The Light: Smart Home Lighting Systems And Wellness​

Many loved ones develop physical and visual impairments that make day-to-day living difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Because of this, older adults who choose to age in place may need to make modifications to their homes to live safely and comfortably.