“Where is My Mother?” and Other Confusing Questions​

Those who are new to caring for a loved one with dementia might take this question at face value, or dismiss it all together. But in reality, questions like these can be metaphors for something else. Their meaning lies beyond the literal.

Signs Of Memory Loss in Aging Adults​

Memory loss is very common amongst older adults, but not a ‘normal’ part of the aging process. We want to identify memory loss early so it can be treated effectively, and in some cases, reversed.

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Alzheimer’s​

This season is a challenging to everyone, especially your loved one. We offer many products and solutions to assist you and your parent to keep them safe so they can maintain their connection and care to others in this season.

Identifying Early Changes In Cognition

As elderly loved ones age, changes in cognition are likely to occur. However, these changes are often part of the normal aging process , and it’s important to know the difference between normal and abnormal changes in cognition.