Smart Home Geotracking Devices Can Keep Track Of Elderly Loved Ones

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Older adults are at an increased risk of developing cognitive impairments like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and Dementia, often causing them to struggle with memory loss and muscle weakness. Older adults living with these impairments may get confused while completing simple tasks and wander off, losing track of where they’ve gone and forgotten where they are. This can make them more likely to trip and fall, putting them in physical danger in what is, to them, an unfamiliar environment. This concerns many families who worry their loved one could wander off and hurt themselves without anyone knowing.
In today’s digital world, there are many technologies available to help give aging adults and their loved ones peace of mind about their safety. One technology families are turning to help care for their older loved ones is geotracking. Born from the advances of GPS technology geotrackers are simple, cost-effective, undetectable ways of monitoring your loved one from a distance, allowing them to live as independently as possible while still under the guidance of a watchful eye.




Many companies are placing geotracking technology in smart devices like phones and watches, allowing for caregivers to better track their loved ones through everyday objects.  Smart technology geotracking devices can keep you connected to aging loved ones while giving you peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

  • GPS locator watches may include geo-fencing technology that allows you to program “safe zones” and distance ranges into them. When your loved one wanders outside of these zones, you can receive an alert and check on them.
  • Many GPS watches can be monitored by smartphone apps, allowing you to receive notifications as frequently as you need.
  • GPS watches and smartphone apps for geotracking often come with a way for your loved one to send an SOS message quickly and easily to contacts linked in their account, allowing them to alert you when they need assistance.
  • Some smartphones are built for older adults! Consider investing in the Jitterbug for your aging loved one – it features large icon apps, geotracking, and more to promote your loved one’s safety.



If your loved one isn’t technologically savvy or has difficulty using devices, consider investing in tools that attach to your loved one’s clothing for effective, safe location monitoring.

  • Some devices like the AngelSense can be attached to clothing by a caregiver for quick, easy tracking. Attach this item to your loved one’s favorite shirt or pair of pants, and you’re in business.
  • Shoes and insoles have been developed with tracking technology. Used by many runners, these devices can provide live updates to your loved one’s location. 
  • Consider sewing a tracking device into your loved one’s purse, wallet, or clothing. Tools like the iTraq are small, water-resistant, and even come with fall detection technology, allowing you to better protect your loved one from afar.


alert devices

A staple for many caregivers, medical alert devices can have built-in tracking technology, allowing for loved ones and their caregivers to feel a greater sense of security knowing help is just a button away.

  • Some devices, like the Medical Guardian Freedom Guardian, are multifunctional and fashionable. Unlike many clunkier medical alert systems, this one can be worn like a watch and allows for users to press a single button for emergency assistance. Other applications like calendar alerts, reminders, and more are also available on this device.
  • Other medical alert devices are small pendants that can be put in the pockets of your loved one’s clothing to track them. Popular tools like Mindme and Pocketfinder, allow for loved ones to be followed in real-time.
  • If you fear your loved one may remove tracking devices or forget to put them on, consider a medical alert system like Project Lifesaver. When this device is worn around the ankle, it can track loved ones and report their location to caregivers periodically.


alarm kits

Motion alarm systems are simple, easy ways to track your loved one and intervene when they wander.

  • Most motion alarms can be clipped on to a belt or placed in a vehicle, allowing for your loved one to move around without restriction.
  • Alarms are silent, notifying caregivers of wandering without startling the care recipient.
  • Motion alarms can monitor for falls, sending out SOS messages when your loved one is hurt, so they don’t have to search for a pendant or button on a device to ask for help.

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