Easing the Burden: Resources for Your Loved One’s Financial Stress

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Stress in the home?

The managing of finances is a source of high stress in any home and your loved ones are no exception. After decades of usual routines, employment, and budgets it can be unsettling for any to suddenly live in a different financial reality. And, like any major life adjustment, it is easy for one to hide any strain they might be feeling. However, there are many ways to watch for signs of hidden financial stress in your loved one’s life as well as resources available to help lighten their financial load.

Financial Stress Mail check



Whether acclimating to a new reduced income or an increased level of forgetfulness, some of our loved ones may be struggling in silence with financial strain. In these moments, small monetary hiccups can turn into larger financial burdens, so we offer a few tips to families to help keep a pulse on their loved one’s financial situation while still championing their independence. 

  • Do Not Call List: Make sure your loved one is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry. Due to the fast-paced nature of technology, often our loved ones are targeted for scam calls, sign-up services and more through their phone and email. Getting them added to this list is the first step in removing an unnecessary layer of daily financial pressure. Find the registry and instructions here.  
  • Teamwork for Projects: As much as possible, make yourself available for appointments (such as home or car repairs) to act as a sounding board for your loved one as they make these larger purchases. Your loved one will likely enjoy the company and you can be present to encourage more economic options when available! 
  • Mail Checking: Mail can be overwhelming, especially in one’s golden years when the mailbox seems to get a little fuller each passing month. Make sure their mail is getting tended to—that bills are not past-due, that mailers asking for money are being tossed, and to get a pulse on their general correspondences. This will allow you to better understand their personal network and interests while also giving you financial insight.
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In Money-saving technologies

Simple purchases such as a smart thermostat or LED light bulbs, can make technology work for your loved one. While there are upfront costs, long-term many of these items pay for themselves quickly. Smart thermostats tend to reduce annual energy bills 10-15% while LED bulbs draw only 25% of the energy that incandescent bulbs. Often, these energy-saving technologies are overlooked by our loved ones, or even inaccessible. With your help, however, a little investment and training can save your loved one immensely on bills over the years.

Financial Support


Available to your loved one

While partnering with your loved one for good spending patterns is ideal, sometimes our family members still may find themselves in need of additional financial help. Thankfully, there are programs designed to address some of these needs. While these programs may not reduce all significant monthly costs, they can ease some of the financial stress of your loved one


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Assistance Programs

For Home cost savings

  • Energy Bill Assistance: The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a national program administered through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that aids in deferring energy bills costs. While this program is not necessarily designed specifically for those in a higher age demographic, a vast number of their recipients are over 60 years of age and are in a higher prioritization class. The program varies from state to state but Washington State’s individual website and application platform is readily available.  
  • Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP): Like LIHEAP, there is federal program designed to make your loved one’s home more energy stable and efficient, saving them from ghastly bills. From aiding in necessary repairs to upgrading windows, the program helps make a home not only cheaper to sustain but also safer and more comfortable for your loved one. Again, this program is not necessarily exclusively for aging adults but they are disproportionately served by this program and receive prioritization in their application. Search for your local WAP office through here
Financial Support

Local Connections

Designed to support you

Most states have dozens of organizations, programs, and services that can financially assist and grow your loved one. While the number of agencies and resources can be overwhelming, each government municipality (usually county) has their individual Adult Services department that will host a centralized record of the resources available. Usually, these departments offer Case Management that can help your loved one navigate the many services they can use from free transportation, to rent assistance programs, to free legal advocacy for unjust financial situations. 

Financial Support

Financial Stress

Is common and manageable

Financial stress affects all of us at some point and it can be an isolating feeling. However, with some tips, communication, and the use of local resources, your loved one does not have to face this stress alone. We, at Beverly’s Daughter, hope to support you as you partner with your loved one towards financial peace.

Recommended Products For Reducing Daily Home Costs

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Everyone has Unique Financial Needs

While it is important to help your loved one manage their finances well and safely, it is important to do so in a way that supports their independence, lifestyle, and personality. Consider starting with a conversation focused on how they prioritize finances and what they deem is important for their own life. From there, build a plan and budget together, using the resources mentioned to help. Open and honest communication will not only help your loved one stay on track financially but it will also be the best way to honor their resources and desires.

Financial stress can be mitigated

Financial stress is not only challenging but also sometimes hard to talk about with your loved one. We offer  solutions, products, and recommendations to assist you and your parent to help stay on track financially. 

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