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Product Spotlight:
Claris Companion

In an age where feelings of isolation are rampant, we all are looking for creative solutions to connect. However, these feelings of isolation and disconnectedness unfortunately can be all too familiar to our aging loved ones. Not only is this separation demoralizing, but studies have also shown it can have a drastic effect on our loved one’s physical health trajectory as well. While a plethora of social networking technology exists, often this technology is designed for a younger, tech-savvy consumer, ignoring the unique needs of an older adult. Our friends at Claris Healthcare were not satisfied with this reality and went to work creating the Claris Companion®. The Claris Companion® is tool designed to not only connect with your loved one but offers other incredible features for remote caregiving and management.

Technology Designed for Them

Claris was very intentional with their product design to ensure that their technology was friendly to an older population that did not grow up with smartphones and tablets. In fact, one their core beliefs states that they “believe seniors should have an elegant way to communicate with their families and manage their own care – even if they’re not comfortable using technology.” The average age of their user is 86 years old, and from its larger format 10” screen to their built-in-wifi offerings, Claris made sure their tech specifications fit the needs of an aging adult population. Additionally, upon receiving your Companion®, there is a step-by-step guide on how to slowly integrate the device into your loved one’s daily life, helping equip and teach them so they feel confident with the technology.

How it works

The Claris Companion® may look like your average tablet, but it is designed with your loved one and the caregiver in mind. The Companion is designed for your loved one, but the connecting platform equips you and the caregiving network to directly interact with your adult through the device. Before you even unbox your loved one’s Companion, you will personalize a myriad of features on the device for them from messaging, to medication schedules, to building a shared family photo album, to downloading brain games.

The Companion will arrive at your door pre-configured exactly to your loved one’s needs and life. From there, you and anyone else in the family or care network can continue to engage with the Companion platform, from sending video updates, to adding appointments to shared calendars and more. The list of features is incredible, and Claris is intentional on equipping their users well in how to best use all of these features through their step-by-step guides. The unique benefit of the Claris Companion® is the balance between easy-to-use technology for you loved one with a robust interface platform for you and the support network. Your loved one will be the beneficiary of increased remote care without being overwhelmed by the technology of it all.

Social Benefits

Many of us benefit from the sociability of smart technology. Whether it be from video chatting, texting, email or phone calls, we have the world at our fingertips. Now, your loved can be part of the social circle with this same technology modified to suit their needs. Through the Companion, your loved one will have a simplified access to messaging, email, photo and video sharing platforms, video chatting, and more.

The best part about all these features is their 2-way design; anyone in the care network can also engage with these same features through the Companion Console® platform (accessible using any computer, tablet, or smartphone). Grandma can instantly get pictures of her grandson’s baseball game, or dad can receive a daily good morning message from the family, all through their device. You and your loved one can both benefit from increased connectedness and the Claris Companion® can help do that by using technology well.

Care Management Benefits

Not only will the Claris Companion® help with social connection, but it also has features with caregiving and safety in mind. Its features on the platform include medication reminders, shared calendars, appointment reminders, exercise videos and more. It also has wellness check-in features where your loved one is prompted to answer programmed questions when scheduled. For example, you can program a daily question of glucose levels or a general wellness feeling.

These features allow for quick transmission of information that your loved one can build into their daily routine without a lot of extra work and memorization. And while the Companion is not intended to be an emergency call system or replacement for 911 or a telephone, it does offer a few different alert features. Through one button, your loved one can call someone in their programmed network. Also, through the alert feature you can get automatically generated notifications if anything is out of the ordinary, such as missed medications.

different products for different needs

Claris has a variety of product offerings to suit your and your loved one’s needs, and we want to make sure you are able to find the product right for you! We have provided exclusive links and discount codes in partnership with Claris Healthcare, so feel free to click on the product that best suits you.

  • The Claris Companion® Tablet is available directly for order here. Be sure to use the discount code “Beverly” for $25 off your order. This product is perfect for the household that has Wi-Fi established but would benefit from the Claris designed tablet and monthly application.
  • The Claris Companion® 4g Tablet is available directly for order here. Be sure to use the discount code “Beverly” for $25 off your order. If your loved one’s home is without internet, then this product will give you all the same amazing features of the Companion tablet and application while having a monthly internet service built into the device!
  • Claris Companion® App is available directly for order here. Be sure to use the discount code “Beverly” for $25 off your order. This monthly subscription is perfect for a user who already has and is comfortable with an Android tablet and the Claris Companion application can simply be downloaded and utilized.

More Questions or Next Steps

If you think one of the Claris Companion® products is right for you and your loved one, we would love to connect you to more information. Use the above links to directly order your Companion and be sure to use our exclusive promotion code “Beverly” to claim you $25 discount. For more information on Claris Healthcare and their line of resources:


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