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Holiday Gift Guide:

Best Gifts for Aging Parents

The holidays are approaching and it’s time to consider gifts for your loved ones. With aging parents, it’s not always easy to decide what you should get them. We know how difficult it can be to see those around you lose functionality due to an age-related injury, illness, or chronic medical condition.

Our family understands what it is like to purchase these types of gifts, and that is why we have put together a guide from our aging and independence services to ease the stress of buying presents while choosing ideal products that help parents with various health concerns. If your aging loved ones have Alzheimer’s or Dementia, hearing loss, Parkinson’s disease, or have had a stroke, Beverly’s Daughter has a list of presents that are both thoughtful and recommended from a medical viewpoint:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia impact an aging parent’s day-to-day ability to remember, solve problems, speak clearly, and think properly. Created for this specific ailment, there are recommended products that provide support and assistance to promote independent . 

While there are many beneficial Alzheimer’s and Dementia products, they should also be worthy of being given as a gift. Your loved one will want to receive a present that is helpful, thoughtful, and personal. Consider a weighted blanket that offers relaxation and reassurance, books that include and encourage memories of their past, puzzles and games that stimulate the mind, or simple art projects for aging parents to enjoy.

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Hearing Loss

On a day to day basis, hearing loss can create frustration. This chronic health condition leads to weaker communication skills and heightened anxiety. If you’re looking for hearing loss related gifts, we recommend products that will make life easier and support their quality of life. A phone amplifier makes conversations with loved ones easier to engage in and wireless headphones for TV makes watching more enjoyable. A reliable door sensor could be an excellent present for your aging parent as smart home security can make them feel safe in their own home. Knowing this will offer you peace of mind, too.


After a parent has experienced the symptoms of a stroke, they will need to adjust to life moving forward. For your aging loved one, this will be a time of recovery, focusing on small achievements, and learning how to take care of themself. You can support and encourage your parent during this time through helpful products designed just for this purpose.

From our collection of stroke focused products, your parent might enjoy the sensation of a neck and shoulder heated massager to encourage upper-body mobility. You can provide positive support through loving messages on an inspirational bracelet or a ring dish plate that says, “Remember, I love you, Mom.” We also recommend journals and books that promote mindfulness and positivity to help improve their mental health.

Hearing Loss


If your parent is living with Parkinson’s disease, they face various daily challenges. They may be injury prone and experience symptoms such as muscle weakness and vision impairment. We have put together a list of Parkinson’s products that make ideal gifts for your loved one facing these challenges. These items are focused on improving everyday life by honing their specific living circumstances. For example, a steady spoon or rocker knife could help with meals, while others could help your loved one apply lotion, open cans, take a shower, and more.

Beverly’s Daughter Can Help During the Holidays

If you’re someone who’s caring for aging parents or visiting the elderly during the holiday season, we can offer you experienced tips and support. Our family is here for you as a resource to answer questions you may have on caring for your aging loved ones. We can also suggest medical professional recommended items for assisting and caring for the elderly with all health conditions. Visit the Beverly’s Daughter online catalog for more thoughtful and personal aging in place gifts for the holidays.

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