About Us

Beverly’s Daughter is a company founded by Laura Berry on the principles of empathy, trust, and openness. Laura chose the company name in honor of her mother, Beverly. She recognized that she was looking for information in the final stages of her mother’s life, not on how to be a better caregiver, but how best to be a caring daughter to her aging mother. Laura and her family strove to care for her mother as she journeyed through the struggles of physical and mental changes and found that there were many needs unmet. Our offerings come from the realization that information, quality products for aging in place, and trusted professionals are still difficult to find in our world, and we would like to make it easier to take care of your loved ones without research and worry about what is best for them.

David is excited and energized by the challenge of providing independent living solutions to the problems facing those caring for aging parents.  Having been involved in the aging process of his grandparents, he feels there is a deep need to service those who are struggling to help their loved ones age gracefully.  He has extensive experience working with aging populations within retirement communities, individual work with senior clients, and taking care of elderly parents, so the need strikes close to home.  David wants to bring knowledge, care, and compassion to those who are giving those qualities to their own aging loved ones.

We want to welcome you to our family, where we understand that nothing is easy, life will always throw challenges your way, and you are NOT alone when it comes to dealing with them. If you find that you are struggling with any aspect of working with your loved ones, please feel welcome to reach out to us, and we will do what we can do point you in the right direction!


The Beverly’s Daughter Team

Laura Berry

Founder & CEO

David Berg

Operations Director