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Cooking with Parents: Cook Up Some Memories

Cooking with parents can be great way to spend quality time with your loved ones, kindle fond memories and create some new memories. Smells and recipes can bring back memories and encourage sharing of stories from the past. In order to promote engagement, include everyone in the planning as well as the creative process of cooking the meal. But cooking is not without hazards.

Hazards of Cooking

with Parents

  • Fire: Use silicone potholders and keep towels away from stove.  Make sure there is a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial to prevent accidents. This is also a good time to install motion sensor lights under the cupboards.
  • Breakage: Swap out as many glass or breakable items as you can with non-breakable dishes and glasses.
  • Falls: To prevent falls make sure there is a skid-free mat under the sink and provide a chair for sitting and taking breaks.
  • Accessibility: Rearrange cupboards so that commonly used items are within reach and heavier items are at waist level.



Incorporating new tools can make cooking with your parents convenient and safe during the meal and when you are absent.

       Consider investing in some Two-Handled Pots  and Silicone Potholders for easy handling. The use of a  Medical Kitchen Chair can provide a rest if needed. Using Unbreakable Dishes and a Non-Skid Kitchen Mat can provide additional safety and prevent falls. This is the perfect time to introduce them to new technology such as The Echo Dot from Amazon to be used as a timer or to create shopping lists.


Cooking with Parents is not without hazards.  Fortunately, Beverly’s Daughter is here to make things easier for you and your loved ones.  Take a tour of the kitchen in your parent’s home in order to assess the risks, a checklist can be helpful. Send your questions and photos to us and we will contact you within 48 hours with a customized action plan tailored to your loved one’s unique kitchen needs.  Your loved ones are our top priority; let us help them enjoy life fully in their own home by contacting us now.

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